V-42 is a SDVOSB specializing in providing U.S. and International defense customers with cutting edge, proven solutions to advanced training, manpower provision and technology requirements. With over 13 years of experience in the Technology, Intelligence, Cybersecurity, V-42 has provided critical support to numerous defense contracting requirements for DoD, Federal, and U.S. Government Agencies as well as International Defense customers. With corporate experience and critical partnerships on every continent and assets overseas, V-42 is capable of providing a trusted global reach for its defense customers.



  • • Extensive CONUS and OCONUS experience
  • • Technologically Enabled Operations
  • • Advanced Technology Support and Integration
  • • Software Development and Integration
  • • DCAA and DSS certifications
  • • Global Footprint of Partners and Assets

Intelligence Analysis and Support

V-42, formerly known as the defense arm of Blue Light (a TMG Company), is recognized as one of the premier providers of Intelligence solutions worldwide. With a substantial catalogue of intelligence analysis, exploitation and targeting courses, V-42 has the advanced intelligence targeting, reporting and dissemination capabilities defense customers are looking for. The company not only provides its customers with intelligence collection and analysis training, but also software and hardware solutions and complete intelligence platforms for comprehensive intelligence solutions.

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Technology Integration and Support

V-42 has over a decade of providing support to DoD and International requirements for the integration of technology into tactical level needs. From conceptualization to development and fielding, V-42 has integrated advanced software and technology into military and law enforcement operations while providing training and Installation, Support, Operations and Maintenance (ISOM) of these technologies in the U.S. and Overseas.

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V-42 provides its customers with basic and advanced Cybersecurity training and support services as needed. As one of the only approved vendors of cybersecurity training to U.S. SOCOM forces, V-42 has changed the dynamic of cybersecurity training, providing critical cybersecurity capabilities to protect deployed SOF and Conventional forces. With its partnership with MainNerve, a TMG sister company, V-42 also brings advanced cybersecurity technologies, partnerships, R and D and software development to defense contracting requirements.

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